Who doesn't need a timeless classic tube dress in their wardrobe this summer?!


    Because we buy in fabric to make each of our orders, sometimes we do accidentally over order or order wrong shades so we have piles of spare fabrics doing absolutely nothing so we thought we would trial a fun new experiment to see if any of you would be daring enough to trust us to produce you something AMAZING at the fraction of the price by simply letting us choosing your colour - we would still make your order to your measurements so the service is still bespoke, it will just be a nice little surprise when you receive your item because you wont know which of our shades you are going to receive! 

    If you order more than one item we will make sure you are not sent the same shade


    You can select either SILK or SOFT as your desired fabric


    These items are on a first come first served basis until we complely run out of our left over fabrics and will be removed as soon as they are so grab a bargain when you can!!

    • Fabric Composition of both our Silk & Soft premium stretch - 95% polyester 5% elastane
    Skirt - Waist to hem length
    Bust Measurement
    Waist Measurement
    Bum Measurement